Chaos to Clarity

Special Report reveals: Insanely practical 3-step clarity formula that is as elegantly simple as it is powerful…

“Short-Circuits All The Internet Chaos WITHOUT Going Broke, Bat-Crap-Crazy… Or Selling Your Soul For Breakthrough Results!…

Look, can we speak candidly?

Regardless if you’re just starting your entrepreneurial adventures or you’re a seasoned pro, your future success faces a very real threat:
The insatiable Internet vortex of chaos, overwhelm and uncertainty isn’t just “looming” at your door…

It’s Kicking It DOWN!

Change no longer occurs in slow, manageable or predictable ways.

Blink and technology evolves exponentially. When the Internet sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold!

You tell me: Does this cycle sound too familiar?

Just when you think you’re close to getting a handle on things, “they” pull the rug out from under you. Today’s “miracle breakthrough” is obsolete tomorrow. Before you know it, you’ve lost months stuck in…

The “Take 1-Baby Step Forward And 10-Giant Leaps Backwards” TRAP!

The Internet vortex eats you up. And when it spits you out?…

Best case? It leaves you only frustrated and confused.

The more likely case? Paralyzing fear! Sure we keep holding out hope and try new things.

However, that only unknowingly feeds the monster and makes it grow bigger.

Now, don’t feel bad because:

NOBODY Is Immune.

Not even the experts you think have it all figured out, can keep up.

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Believe that.

See, just as you probably suspected…

###It’s A Minefield Of
Ulterior Motives And
Collateral Damage:

Unfortunately, TONS of hard-working, would-be successes give up every day (and, even worse, they’ll never know the REAL reasons why: The decks are stacked against you).

Add this to all that:

If YOU can’t escape this vortex… If YOU can’t figure out who’s telling the truth, who’s lying and what’s legit… If YOU’RE blindsided by this B.S., then…

What chance in hell is there to win the attention and trust of people you hope will do business with you?

I mean, they’re more confused, overwhelmed and paralyzed than we are! The whole world has a bad case of ADD. How can you NOT be? ADD is an unavoidable condition of these times.

There are millions of online distractions competing for your prospect’s attention. In the sea of all this deafening static, how do you find the opening to present a worthwhile solution when our only defense is to automatically tune everything out?

And, YET:

If you know how to harness its power, there’s never been a better time to build a thriving business from scratch (or give brand-new life to a plateaued business).

Here’s the best news: You’re only ONE breakthrough away from achieving your goals. And, because of this Internet revolution, there’s always millions of breakthroughs waiting.

Contrary to what “they” say, you don’t need them all.

Don’t let them turn you into a cat-on-crack (forced to chase their laser pointer as it darts from one bright-shiny-object to the next)…


You can tame this Internet beast (and find clarity) in 3-steps:

Step One: SIFT IT – First, sift out the legitimate from the crap just designed to separate you

from your money. Better than 90% of the chaos is a smokescreen you can quickly eliminate. I ask myself these questions to cut through the crap:

  1. Practice what they preach? (For ex: All the self-proclaimed Facebook experts who really make their money from JV’s instead of FB Ads. No thanks!)
  2. Supported by a REAL business model… OR… is it just a stream of never-ending product launches quickly abandoned for the next “holy grail” launch?
  3. Battle-tested, principles that can be scaled… OR… lightweight tactics that burns out immediately or can’t be applied beyond very limited applications?

If it can’t stand up to and pass ALL of these quick test questions, it gets no more milk ’n cookies.


Step Two: SORT IT – Now, you’re closer to the needed clarity, however, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Almost everyone misses this step. See, just because it passes all the legitimacy sniff tests, doesn’t mean it’s right for YOU.

Now it’s time to SORT the small pile of legit options according to:

a. YOUR skills and capabilities

b. YOUR needs & goals

c. YOUR specific situation

This is the step where you get to take control back. That’s because you’re the only one qualified to decide if it meets your requirements (above) or not.

Step Three: LEVERAGE IT – You’ve done the first two steps (without lying to yourself or talking yourself into anything for fear of missing out), yes?

Now, simply decide on ONE course of action (and set aside all the others until you’ve given the chosen one a fair chance).

Stick with it beyond the first few challenges. Be willing to “look stupid” and brush-off the inevitable scrapes of the trial ’n error process. Remember to give yourself a break because it’s normal to feel doubt when you’re trying things you’ve never done before.

Look, there’s NEVER a guarantee you will succeed (anyone who says otherwise, is either naive, inexperienced or outright conning you). Fact.

However, there is a guaranteed way to FAIL


Be the proverbial wishy-washy squirrel who impulsively darts out into the road; gets scared; changes mind mid-stream; runs back a few feet; changes mind yet again; and becomes road-kill because he wasn’t committed to its initial course of action.

See, you can’t cross the finish-line in front of you while you’re busy looking over shoulder, running scared from past failures.

It’s time: Commit to action. Jump in with both feet. Assume success. And when things don’t go according to plan?

Correct and move past it fast!

Fix the problems as you go, from-the-INSIDE (never waste precious resources trying to solve “what-ifs” that haven’t actually happened yet). Because confidence flows in direct proportion to the momentum you create towards your goals.

Decide to move forward with that kind of conviction and it shows the world (and yourself) that you will not be denied.

And, if you can’t trust yourself to follow-through (regardless of outcomes), don’t step off the curb until you can…

A Few Words Of Caution:

As one of my first business mentors used to say, “You can’t turn chicken-shit into chicken-salad!”

Crap is crap. No matter how you dress it up, it still tastes like shit. Period.

Your first instinct is almost always correct. So, if in applying any part of this Sift, Sort & Leverage formula, it “doesn’t feel right,” it’s probably because you’re going against what your gut is telling

Don’t wanna put words in your mouth, and yet, anytime I’ve personally gone against my gut intuition it always bites me in the ass. Hard.

When I’m tempted to “sell my soul” (i.e., try something I’m not sure aligns with my life’s higher calling), this quick 11-word statement never fails to guide my head and heart into full alignment and find clarity of purpose…

“If It’s Not A ‘Hell YES!’
Then It’s A ‘Hell NO!’”

How elegantly simple (and powerful) is that?

Try it the next time you’re struggling with a decision and see if it doesn’t bring you the instant relief knowing (and trusting) the exact right path to take!

Now, before we wrap this up, you need to know,

The Critical Difference Between KNOWING The Path And Successfully WALKING It:

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Allow me to explain…

Chances are, we’re kindred spirits (because otherwise you wouldn’t have made it here with me), right?

See, the reason I wrote this is to get you to say,

“I dig this guy. He gets it! Finally, a practical tutorial focused on results! I can see how this would work. Show me more.”

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