Meaningful Momentum

(where Wooie-Wooie meets the real world)

Hi, I’m Joshua, and…

I blame Fred.

He’s why we’re here. Have you guys met yet?

He’s a flea.

A flat-headed flea, to be exact.

Now, Fred’s got a strange story to tell. Strange and crazy. Strange, crazy and more than a little out there. At least that was my reaction at first. 

His official title is “Sir Fred, the flat-headed flea.” You can call him “flat head Fred,” if you prefer.

Until you see the story-behind-his-story, you’d probably never follow Fred’s advice (or let him help you get unstuck). 

And yet…

As odd as it sounds, if you ever feel stuck (even a little) then:

Fred might just be the missing link between wanting and having. Between choking on the dust of endless regrets and living a meaningful life, making the impact you want (and deserve).

Walk with me and imagine for a second how good it would feel to be free of the onslaught of the shouting gurus and all their one size fits all lies. You know, the never-ending onslaught of one motivational “hack” after another, that…

…best case, only works for some people… some of time… and are purposely designed to flameout in a flash.

What if you didn’t have to be a slave to those wishful-thinking or feel-good (yet ineffective) mystical rituals that never seem to work for real people, living in the real world? 

Real people like us, we deserve what I call, 

“Where Wooie-Wooie Meets The Real World”

I mean, you face real life situations you need to overcome, don’t you? And at the risk of sounding silly, can I ask…

You haven’t been unknowingly cloned, have you?

Nope. Of course not, you’re unique. Well, same goes for the challenges that you have to work through to get unstuck. 

Which means your real problems require real solutions… that really work, right? 

Some one-size-fits-all mold won’t ever cut it. Not for you

Aren’t you tired of twisting yourself into a pretzel, trying to force fit somebody else’s solution to work for your unique situation? 

Besides, what’s the reward for winning that race?


Some reward, right?

Yet, it’s the same hamster wheel we’re stuck on (trying to figure out how to run faster and last longer before collapsing). That’s called a race to the bottom. And it’s bass-ackwards.

Fred’s story?

You’ll hear more from Fred on breaking that cycle in minute.

First, let’s make sure we are simpatico.

Because best we part ways right away if we’re not in sync. There’s no point wasting your time if this path ain’t never gonna take you where you want to go, is there?

Are we on the same wavelength?

Because, look, the last thing I want for you is to come away with from our time together is feeling smarter. 

You’re already smart enough. You don’t need more info. 

Am I right?

Instead, iUnstuck is about going beyond learning to experiencing the results you want. It’s a method for momentum by using what you already know… 

…it’s about subtracting from your overwhelm… Eliminating unnecessary complexities… Adding clarity… So you can find… 

…empowerment through action (and encouraged by the progress you experience). Because the simple truth is: You’re probably a whole lot closer to having the results you want than you can see right now. 

Maybe some simple tweaks is all you’re missing.

The iUnstuck Framework:

This is a method. A powerful one to be sure. Yet, it’s only a path; it’s not the only path. And, even if you feel it might be worth exploring to see if it’s right for you,

…remember, it ain’t gonna walk itself.

You still gotta do the work. And you need to know there will be days when that work won’t be easy. Most people quit. They will run back to the “safety” of the hamster wheel they’re familiar with so they can continue to avoid confronting the fear that controls them.

As result, my iUnstuck approach will only be right for a few. In fact, it’s wrong for most (many more than it’s right for).

Yes, you heard me right.

And, no, it’s not some reverse psychology. It’s just a fact.

Your gut knows, in this very second, if you should look deeper here or not. However, with your gut, the unknown is…

…can you hear it, and
will you trust it enough to
follow it where it leads?

You get to make that call.

You, and only you. I certainly can’t. And, you know what? Nobody else can, either. That power begins and ends with you.

Which brings us to the bad news. Let’s hit it head-on:

If you’re hoping for instant pain relief (or overnight success), please stop reading. What follows won’t scratch that itch. 

Because we believe in long-term, strategic solutions. In getting to the root of the real problem and fixing it at its core: The cause. 


Therefore, you won’t find painkillers (read: hacks, shortcuts, loopholes) that merely temporarily covers up a symptom or two, until the next symptom flares up. Not on my watch. 

This ain’t whack-a-mole. Period.

And because of that, I can pretty well guarantee you: It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, is it? 

And that, right there, is why it’s bound to get worse. Because the things you want to believe are the same things you’ve already tried that simply hasn’t worked out as you intended. 

Please read that again. Now, once more please. It’s key.

This leaves you with two options:

Either you continue to run headfirst into the same walls (because, hey, at least you know what that pain feels like)… 

OR you snatch your balls up, and…

…dare to dip your toe into that vast unknown.

And, let’s face it, even if you have a positive, optimistic outlook and believe you’re on the right path, the first few steps into the unknown, are scary as shit! 

Like the faith (I imagine) it takes to sky-dive, never knowing for sure if your parachute will deploy properly until it does.

You with me?

See, the truth is the reason why something is a breakthrough for you is because it lives —and can only be found— in the place you don’t know that you don’t know. Because,

  1. there’s things you know that you know, and…
  2. things you know that you don’t know, and the biggest blindspot we all face are…
  3. the things you don’t even know that you don’t know… that’s where all the unlimited possibilities you want are waiting to be discovered… 

BTW, if you were aware of the breakthroughs that are unknown to you right now, you’d already be living the results you want. Instead of still struggling to reach ’em.

Look, I won’t “force” these ideas on you. It’s not about selling or talking you into (or out of) anything. 

In fact, put your credit cards away because there’s nothing for sale.

Either you get it or you don’t. 

So, if this resonates with you, welcome. 

Glad you’re still here. 

And since you are (still here), maybe —just maybe— with Sir Fred’s help you can gain access to a whole new world…

…one you may have accidentally stumbled on from time-to-time, and yet might still be looking for a way to confidently live in it with 100% certainty that you can take to the bank…

You wanna find out?